Let Wonders & Worries Handle Your Email Blasts to Donors!

When shooters reach out to their friends and family via email to ask them to donate, they may encounter rejected messages due to their recipients' spam filters.  Wonders & Worries can help by sending these messages for you using our professional email software.  Each message will appear to come directly from you, and it won't be rejected.  All we need from you is:

1. The content you want included in your message to friends and family.
2. A list of the recipients in a spreadsheet (.xls, .xlsx, or. csv file format), with the following data arranged in 3 columns:
   - First Name
   - Last Name
   - Email Address

We'll take care of the rest, and you'll reach your fundraising goal in no time!  

Need instructions on how to export your contacts into a spreadsheet from Microsoft Outlook or Gmail?  Click here.